We believe better food start from better animal health management.

JLH Animal Health


Working hard to innovate animal nutrition solutions

Our goal is to provide farmers and producers with effective solutions.


Thinking of animal welfare is a priority, not an option.

Research has proven that farms who apply procedures for better animal welfare has better rates of productivity, and most importantly, animals have better life there.

JLH contribute to animal welfare through:

  • Improved herbal formulas
  • Research based compositions
  • Field visits and spreading awareness
  • Innovative research lab

Meet the next generation stress management solution

For years, we have been working on a stress relief solution with no side effects. Our research outcome is promising and field results confirm its validity.

A new of its kind growth supplement & immunity booster

Breakthrough combination of plant extracts good for
immunomodulatory response against ND, IB, and IBD and to reduce coccidial oocysts burden, without affecting growth of the broilers.